Graham Coil Condensers, NS B 24, 300mm

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Coil Condenserglass connectors are made from BOROSILICATE 3.3 glass making it suitable for distillation and reflux applications. These condensers are highly efficient with large cooling surface and come with detachable glass. Cooling Water passing into the body and distillate passing through the coil.

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Brand: Rasayan

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Other sizes are available as per the table below. Contact us for further information.

Item Code Socket/Cone Length (mm)
11.00.0311 B 19 300
11.00.0312 B 24 300
11.00.0313 B 24 400
11.00.0014 B 24 500
11.00.0015 B 34 500
11.00.0016 B 34 600