Magnetic Stirring Bar PTFE 50 X 10mm

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PTFE Magnetic Stirring Bar, Stirrer Follower with Pivot

Magnetic Stir Bar, as the name suggests is used as the stirring device, in conjunction with a hotplate/magnetic stirrer. These are ideal for stirring liquids under vacuum, or in a sealed atmosphere, using a contact-less magnetic field provided by a hotplate/Stirrer. PTFE is a common coating used to protect the stir bar from leeching, staining and are highly resistant to chemicals.

Material: PTFE

Packing: 1 Pc/Pk

Item Code Size(mm) Length x OD
MAGN5.8 8x5
MAGN6.13 13X6
MAGN8.18 18X8
MAGN9.25 25X9
MAGN9.35 35X9
MAGN10.50 50X10
MAGN13.35 35X13
MAGN13.50 50X13
MAGN10.100 100X10


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