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1. Glass Burette with PTFE Stopcock, Individually Certified  'A' Grade

2. Metal Retort stand with Metal Rod

3. Burette Clamp with Boss Head.

Premium Cylinder Head Kits you need to examine most cylinder head combustion chambers, 'A' Grade Individually Certified Burette with PTFE stopcock for precise reading, measurement and easy flow-control with Retort stand and Burette Clamp is a complete Kit, which is popular with motorcycle & car racing enthusiasts. This burette has sufficient volume and accuracy for most cylinder head measurements.

'A' Grade Glass Burette with PTFE Stopcock, Individually Certified:

Burettes are manufactured from CLASS A BOROSILICATE 3.3 glass making them resistant to heat and feature a PTFE Key stopcock for ease of use. These burettes are manufactured from precision bore tubing for accuracy. This A-Class burette comes with an individual work certificate.

Item Code Capacity (ml) Division Tolerance Burette Stand Rod Length
17.00.0107 25 0.10 0.10±ml) 150 x 100 400 x 12 mm
17.00.0108 50 0.10 0.10(±ml) 200 x 125 600 x 12 mm
17.00.0109 100 0.10 0.10(±ml) 225 x 150  750 x 12 mm