Glass Tilting Kipps Dispenser Flask and Head

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Glass Tilting Kipps Dispenser is manufactured from BOROSILICATE 3.3 GLASS. This Dispenser comes with a 250ml conical flask with a joint size 24/29. One can tilt the flask back to fill to designated volume and forward to dispense. A keck clip to hold the flask and tilt will be provided. 

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Packing: 1Pc/Pk

Item Code Capacity (ml) Pcs/Pk. Flask
15.00.0811CTH 1 ml 1 150ml - 24/29
15.00.0812CTH 5 ml 1 150ml - 24/29
15.00.0813CTH 10 ml 1 150ml - 24/29
15.00.0812CTH 15 ml 1 250ml - 24/29
15.00.0813CTH 30 ml 1 250ml - 24/29