Miniature Fixed Volume Lilpet

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Lilpet- The Little Giant is specially designed for use with Diagnostic Kits. These Miniature Fixed Volume Lilpet, are 130 mm in length and can be held like a pipette and not like a syringe. These pipettes are fully autoclavable at 121°C, 15 psi for 10-15 minutes. Color-coded for easy volume identification.  The tip cone of lilpet (5 µl, 10 µl, 20 µl) is designed to accept both regular 200 µl tips or ultra-micro tips up to 20 µl. The use of ultra-micro tips for volume up to 20 µl enhances accuracy and precision very significantly. This is a unique feature that makes lilpet a genuine miniature micropipette. This also allows the lilpet to be used for reverse pipetting and repetitive pipetting.

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Brand: Microlit

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