Quartz Cuvettes With Lid

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Quartz Cuvettes with Lid are a pack of two Acromec Quartz cuvettes for use with spectrophotometers, Fluorometer, Tintometer, Colorimeter, Polarimeter & Other Leaser Applications, and Flow Cells. Each cuvette is a standard Round Bottom cuvette with two polished sides.

• Spectral range: 190–2500nm
• Path length: 10mm
• Exterior dimensions: 12.5mm (width), 12.5mm (length) and 45mm (height)
• Interior dimensions: 10mm (width) and 10mm (length)
• Nominal volume: 3.5mL

• 2 Starna Cells quartz cuvettes (3.5mL) with Conformity Certificate
• 2 lids