Separatory Funnel Kit

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Separatory Funnel Kit:

  • Separatory Funnel made of Borosilicate 3.3. Glass
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Separatory Funnel Holder or Mild Steel retort ring that can hold funnels.
  • For a larger size funnel kit three-prong clamp and bosshead will be included.
  • Metal Retort Stand with Chrome Plated Rod.
  • for more information please see the following:

This Separatory Funnel has a Glass Stopcock & Glass Stopper.

Brand: Science Equip

Use: Liquid-Liquid Separation/Extraction. 

Item Code Funnel Capacity (ml) NS Funnel Holder Clamp/Bosshead Retort Stand
18.00.020450KIT 50 14/23 N/A Three Prong Clamp & Bosshead

Metal Sheet.


18.00.0204125KIT 125 19/26 Retort Ring 2"  N/A

Metal Sheet.


18.00.0204250KIT 250 19/26 Heavy Duty Plastic  N/A Metal Sheet.


18.00.0204500KIT 500 24/29 Heavy Duty Plastic  N/A

Metal Sheet.


18.00.02041000KIT 1000 24/29 Retort Ring CIPC 4" Three Prong Clamp & Bosshead M.S. 8x5x24"x12mm
18.00.02042000KIT 2000 24/29 Retort Ring CIPC 6" Three Prong Clamp & Bosshead M.S. 9x6x30"x12mm