Volatile Matter Determination Cooking Crucibles and Lids B.S. 1016 (Part 1)

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These Volatile Matter Determination Cooking Crucibles without Projection and Lids are made of Fused Silica (Translucent). If you require these crucibles and lids in Fused Quartz (Transparent), Contact Us Now. For your convenience Lids and Crucibles are sold separately as well. 

Material: Fused Silica/Quartz

Brand: Infusil

 P.S: Fused Silica = Translucent, Fused Quartz = Transparent.

Item Code Description External Height (mm)


External Diameter (mm)
S2010 Crucible with Projection 38 25
S2020 Crucible without Projection 38 25
S2025 Lids 3 - 4.75 21

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