Water Distillation Kit

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Infusil Water Still 4Litres/Hour 3kW 230V 50/60Hz

Manufactured in India, this high-quality water still combines high performance with value for money.

Safety Cut-Out
A thermostat is provided with the metal heater to protect the still from an accidental failure of the water supply.
When the glass boiler runs dry the thermostat automatically shuts off the metal heater. The thermostat resets when the metal heater cools.

Easy Cleaning
The glass boiler is fitted with a built-in funnel to allow the quick and easy addition of cleaning solutions. No dismantling required. 
Once the cleaning solution has done its job, simply open the PTFE stopcock to drain the solution out of the boiler.

  • Single Phase electric supply capable of handling a load of 3 KW, 230V±10%, 50 cycles and with a fuse carrier of 15 amps.
  • Glass boiler and condenser minimise potential contamination of distillate from the leaching effect of distilled water on metal components.
  • A conventional 15 amps plug and socket, wall-mounted is recommended.
  • 3kW chromium-plated heating element with thermostats protect the still, in the event of water supply failure.
  • Easy to clean. A drain located below the level of the still so that the PVC drain pipe from the glass boiler can fall straight without kinks or bends to allow unimpeded flow of water. 
  • CE marked by an independent testing agency.
  • Supplied with an instruction/operating manual.

Model: BASIC PH4
Water Still Output: 4Litres/Hour