Syringe Filters NYLON Membrane

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 Size: 0.45um & 0.22um - 25 mm DIAMETER NYLON MEMBRANE

Nylon syringe filters offer a universal application for analytical procedures. Hydrophilic Nylon is ideal for aqueous (non-acidic) or organic sample prep and HPLC, GC, or dissolution sample analysis. With its excellent flow characteristics, very low extractable levels, and mechanical stability, Nylon offers the best combination of physical parameters to meet the most stringent analytical needs in 13mm and 25mm diameters. The naturally hydrophilic, high protein binding, and high dirt loading capacity of Nylon are natural advantages.


  • Electric semiconductor industrial water filtration
  • Chemicals filtration
  • Beverage filtration

Polyester filters with integrated glass fibre pre-filter, for solutions with a high load of particulate matter and highly viscous solutions. Ideal for the water treatment industry.

  • Hydrophilic multipurpose membrane
  • For polar & non-polar solutions - the HPLC filter with glass fibre prefilter is especially suited for eluent mixtures of water & organic solvents
  • Recommended for solutions with a high load of particulate matter
  • LLG Syringe Filters, Nylon

    Cost-efficient syringe filters for filtration of a broad variety of solvents and aqueous or inorganic solutions. These syringe filters cover most applications in HPLC, pharmaceutical, environmental, biotechnology, and food and beverage testing laboratories.

    • Robust housing made of Polypropylene
    • Multifunctional syringe filters with female Luer-Lock inlet and male Luer-Slip outlet
    • Suitable for all syringes with Luer connection
    • Sterile or non-sterile
    • Sterile products in individual hard blister packaging and dispenser box

    Hydrophilic membrane for filtration of aqueous and organic/aqueous liquids with medium polarity. Very good chemical resistance to esters, alkaline solutions, and alcohols. With female Luer-Lock inlet and male Luer-Slip outlet.