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Glass Muller
Glass Muller Pigment Grinding Tool: A perfect tool used for grinding dispersing pigment, both an oil or water base....
Wood Cork Stoppers Agglomerated
Wood Cork Stoppers are tapered Cork Stoppers that will plug bottles, lab vials. etc. These Cork Stoppers are...
Glass Beakers Tall Form Without Spout
Beakers Tall Form Without Spout is manufactured from BOROSILICATE 3.3 glass and comes with graduation. These beakers have...
Aluminum displacement overflow cans with an angled spout that drains all displaced water for high accuracy. This tool...
Apothecary Reagent bottles CLEAR GLASS wide mouth are made from glass and comes with a flat pressed glass stopper....
Bosshead Zinc 360 Degree Rotatable
Bosshead Zinc 360 Degree Rotatable is used with retort stands and other laboratory stands. the items can be...
PTFE Magnetic Stirring Bar, Stirrer Follower with Pivot Magnetic Stir Bar, as the name suggests is used as...
 Magnetic Stirrer with a hot plate is similar to the magnetic stirrer but has an additional stainless steel...
Retort Stands Burette Stand- Mild Steel
Retort Stand is made of Mild Steel and powder coated Rod with L-Key as per DIN standard. The...
Spatula One End Arrow One End Flat
Spatula, made of stainless steel. One end arrow and another end flat. Brand: Lalco
Glass Beads can be used as boiling stones, mixing beads or packing for distillation columns. Beads are durable and will not disintegrate or affect...
This kit contains a set of 6 glassware items with size B - 24 ground-glass-joints giving it maximum...
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