Hotplates & Stirrers

 Magnetic Stirrer with a hot plate is similar to the magnetic stirrer but has an additional stainless steel...
This Magnetic Stirrer is the most compact and economical model. Permanent Magnet DC (PMDC) motor gives high torque...
These Magnetic Stirrers with stainless steel top are the most compact models. Permanent Magnet DC (PMDC) motor gives...
Hotplate with Stirrer
Hotplate with Magnetic Stirrers: Stainless steel top plate. compact model. Motor gives high torque even at lower speeds...
Laboratory Stirrers Overhead
LABORATORY STIRRERS Laboratory stirrers for stirring/mixing etc of chemical. Ideal for pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic products. The equipment...
ROTAMANTLES: A heating mantle with a stirrer. These are specially designed to meet the laboratory requirement of convenient...
High Speed Overhead Stirrer
High-Speed Overhead Stirrer by REMI India. Perfect suitable next-generation laboratory stirrers for stirring/mixing etc. of chemical, pharmaceutical, food,...
High Accuracy Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer
High Accuracy Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer/Brushless Motor Stirrer Hotplate Speeds range 100 – 1500 rpm Porcelain Enamel Hot...
Laboratory Compact Stirrer
Compact Stirrer by DLAB MODEL: EcoStir Key Features•   Maintenance-free brushless DC motor•   Rare earth magnets give powerful stirring•  ...
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